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When performing a facelift, it mainly affects the appearance of the chin and neckline. You also get a more defined jaw line.

The procedure has become common in both men and women and most people who undergo surgery are between 40-65 years old.
A facelift can also take place at an advanced age with very good results. During a traditional facelift, the muscles are lifted and excess skin is removed.
Today, there are various combinations of treatments, where in addition to surgery, injection treatments or skin care treatments are also used as a complement to achieve a life-enhancing and natural result. Factors that directly or indirectly affect and accelerate this process are many such.

Hereditary causes, sun exposure, alcohol, smoking, diet, stress. A facelift can reduce the effects of these processes and give you a life-enhancing and natural result.

Why choose us

Plastic surgery & treatments | Hår & Skönhetsbehandlingar | Adonis Sweden

Security and Technology

With advanced technology and high-performance cosmeceutical skin care products, our team of highly qualified therapists has experience in delivering the best results in its class.

Plastic surgery & treatments | Hår & Skönhetsbehandlingar | Adonis Sweden

Experienced team

Our highly qualified and experienced team of therapists are trained in the latest technology and use the safest machines.

Plastic surgery & treatments | Hår & Skönhetsbehandlingar | Adonis Sweden

Real results

Regardless of your skin problem, we have experience, knowledge and professional skin treatments to deliver the best results tailored to your skin goals.

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