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Welcome to Adonis Sweden

International expertise in hair transplantation and beauty

Adonis Sweden is the alternative for you when you want broad and experienced expertise. With us, you can get help with everything from wrinkles to thin hair growth. No matter why you turned to us, we want to guarantee that you are in safe hands. Our staff has a total of many years of experience in medical procedures and has performed many treatments in their respective areas.

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Our Treatment

The treatments are performed by experienced medical staff. Our work continues even after the procedure where we provide advice, aftercare and follow up on your results. With us, you get a solid foundation and information in a free consultation so that you can decide which method you want to use to get to grips with your particular problem.


Both men and women worry about their hair. It changes color, becomes thin or disappears. We use the so-called micro- and mini-graft method.

Plastic surgery

We use FUE which is the most common method of hair transplantation. We use this method because it involves a much milder form of surgery than other methods such as strip surgery.


Plasma pen treatment is one of the most effective and rapid and non-surgical methods in the market in dermatology and medical ether.


Prp involves injecting a person’s blood plasma into the scalp. Hair loss decreases and the hair grows faster and becomes stronger with the help of the plasma which contains growth factors


Microneedling involves injecting a person’s blood plasma into the scalp. Hair loss decreases and the hair grows faster and becomes stronger with the help of the plasma which contains growth factors


Injection treatment with fillers is extensive and reduces wrinkles and creases. Regular injection treatments with fillers give long-lasting results.


Liposuction is a plastic surgery performed in order to remove fat from local body fat deposits that do not respond to diet or exercise.


BB Glow is the latest method that is mostly used for aging skin but also for wrinkles and fine lines, sun damage, dark circles around the eyes, etc.


Botox is an injection treatment that blocks nerve signals that cause a muscle to contract.


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At Adonis Sweden, we understand the importance of balancing quality with price and with our hair transplant procedures, we only work with the most experienced and internationally acclaimed surgeons. Hair transplant doctors and surgeons are hand-picked according to their qualifications, experience and expertise, to ensure that we can cater for all international patients regardless of hair type, scalp and ethnicity.

Shilan Ilbeygasi Asli
Khoshi Ibrahim
Operations Manager
Dr. Baderkhan Ali Hassan
Plastic Surgery
Kourosh hadjikhani
Denise Ulin
District nurse
Alaa Nasser Hussien
Martina Sikk
Medical Officer
Shirin Imani
Tahereh Fateh
Assistant Nurse
Ahmadreza Tadjik
Assistant Nurse
Haen sabah
Assistant Nurse
Reza bakhtiyar
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